by David Patten with Doug Childers

A child in the 1950s, David Patten was labeled retarded, lazy, stupid-a dummy. Isolated by an autism spectrum disorder and dyslexia, David slipped into the dark underbelly of American life, spending time in a mental institution, a violent inner-city school for troubled youth, and an experimental home for schizophrenics. David’s remarkable journey from brokenness to a truly successful, awakened life offers an inspiring vision of our human potential.


I read Dummy: A Memoir, I love the project and I want to make this film and I would love to see Dummy made into a movie. This is an important book. -– Barry Morrow (Oscar winner for the Rain Man script)

This is a very moving book, uniquely told with great heart.
– Andrew Harvey, author of A Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism

This wonderful book, “Dummy,” by David Patten is a true story of tragedy turned into triumph. But it is much more than a success story, it is a story that speaks to the eternal light of the Soul and how it finds its way through an odyssey of darkness and despair back to wholeness and freedom. In the end this story is a testament to the power of love and grace and how they can be found in the most unexpected of circumstances. -– Adyashanti, spiritual teacher and author

“Dummy” is an extraordinary memoir that provides an extremely rare glimpse into the thoughts and struggles of one boy’s life with learning disabilities and autism. His triumph over and through his many obstacles made me want to stand up and cheer. This inspirational book is a must-read for every parent, teacher and child seeking to reach their full potential. -– Arielle Ford, author Wabi Sabi Love

Fascinating and genuinely inspiring. A real epic of triumph over adversities of every sort, but also a loving portrait of many interesting people. I hope that your story will be read widely and distributed to many. -– Andrei Codrescu, NPR commentator and author of Whatever Gets You through the Night

“Dummy” is well written, compelling and humanizing. David Patten has succeeded in producing a gritty, unapologetic addition to autobiographies about triumph over adversity, particularly those of one’s own inner demons. -– Donna Williams, best selling author and presenter in the field of autism

“Dummy” is a beautifully written and riveting read on many levels. It provides an articulate insider’s understanding of the subjective experience of autism and how he was able to penetrate the usual autistic shell of isolation and forge meaningful, and indeed insightful human relationships. Throughout the book an innocence and sweetness of character shine through the dark events of his youth.
David’s story and message are a gift to us all, and I would not be surprised if this book rises to the plane of spiritual classic. -– Miriam Knight, Editor New Consciousness Review

“Dummy” is a classic page-turner! The twists and turns of his life journey are particularly compelling because of his open-hearted self-reflections and insatiable thirst for freedom from the confines of social stigma. An important book. A well-written book. And an inspirational read for anyone who feels isolated or hopeless about their circumstances. -– Sunny Massad, Ph.D., author of UnTherapy: A Positive Psychology for Enlightened Living and president and founder of the Hawaii Wellness Institute


by Jaia Sun Childers & Douglas Childers

A Quality Paperback Book Club Alternate Selection

“Gripping…stunning…one of the best. Offers a fresh and unforgettable look at one government’s hypnotic and omnipotent system of indoctrination and arrest, and its slow unraveling into a moral void.” — San Francisco Chronical\Examiner

“Moving…compelling…memorable…graphic and poetic… set down with unflinching honesty. The blinding confusion, the terror, the injustices, the secret doubts and fragile hopes are described in arresting detail. A gripping account that reads like fiction.” — Monterey Peninsula Herald

“Intelligent and affecting. Many stories have been shared about casualties of the Cultural Revolution, but the White-Haired Girl stands out for its unique childhood perspective and its probing treatment of the loss of innocence.” — Kirkus Reviews

“The White-Haired Girl offers a look into the heart and culture of a people…evokes the terror and chaos of the time, with scenes of comic absurdity and sublime lyricism, all from a childhood perspective.” — Seattle Times

“A nuanced, involving narrative of childhood in an exotic, puzzling time and place.” — Booklist

“Wrenching…an authentic document of growing up in Maoist culture.” — Publishers Weekly

“One of the most touching books on China’s struggle to survive the excesses of the Cultural Revolution.” — Marin Independent Journal

“Highly readable. Recommended. This book is an important contribution.” — Library Journal

“Affecting…tragic…poetic and compelling.” — The Oregonian

“A colorful memoir…lends a tangible horror to the aftermath of national madness…as a moving account of the effect of Mao’s lunacies on individual lives, this book offers a chilling and frenzied perspective.” — San Jose Mercury

“Refreshing…compelling and effective. The White-Haired Girl succeeds in its multi-dimensionality. — Pacific Reader, Asian Pacific North American Book Review

“This delicious feast of a book is a delight to the senses, and a passionate revelation of the human spirit. Jaia’s story about coming of age in China during the Cultural Revolution touches universal themes of the search for truth in a time of confusion, the quest for freedom in a prison of thought control, and finally, the unquenchable courage of the human heart.” — Dan Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior


by Dan Millman with Douglas Childers

Illuminating testimony to the presence of miracles in our everyday lives. A fascinating read—and a gift to us all.” –Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love and Illuminata

“Bridge Between Worlds tells stories of unexplained healing, superhuman heroism, and miraculous transformations of people with physical and emotional challenges. Alcoholics Anonymous founder Bill Wilson, architect Buckminster Fuller, Walt Whitman, and others became enlightened at points in their lives, and their stories are told with deep respect for the spiritual influence that moved them to greatness. A truly inspirational program for those whose life is not what they planned or who can’t find the path to their destiny.” AudioFile Review

“In Bridge Between Worlds – Extraordinary Experiences That Changed Lives;, the authors have collected stories detailing disparate encounters with the divine. The stories are short and easily readable, and while Millman and Childers are careful to address issues of historical accuracy, they are not out to prove anything, letting the stories speak for themselves. There are a variety of truths in this collection of miracle and mystery, bound together by the power of the divine to change ordinary lives into extraordinary ones.” — Amazon.com Review

“Dan Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Everyday Enlightenment , and author Doug Childers, have gathered 50 eclectic stories of miraculous events that altered the lives of those who experienced them. The authors do not espouse any particular faith and provide examples of miracles from many traditions. Accounts of Joan of Arc, Peace Pilgrim, Carl Jung, Bill Wilson, the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, and apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Fatima , Lourdes and Guadalupe alternate with the enlightenment of a Buddhist emperor in India and a Japanese soldier’s development of the martial art aikido.” — Publishers Weekly

“Each story invokes the mysterious and the miraculous. One cannot help but be inspired and moved. This book is a keeper.” — The New Consciousness Review


“Constance Grauds’ and Doug Childers’ book is a wakeup call to what matters. It not only diagnoses a critical problem but offers elegant solutions as well. It is an invitation for every reader to perform a psycho-spiritual biopsy, assess her soul’s health, and take whatever restorative measures may be needed. It is difficult to imagine what could be more important.” — from the Forward to The Energy Prescription by Larry Dossey, MD Author of Space, Time & Medicine, Healing Beyond the Body, Reinventing Medicine, Recovering the Soul

“The Energy Prescription integrates the best of Alternative Medicine with the mind-body traditions of indigenous wisdom. A practical manual for anyone who knows that our energy connection must be monitored and nurtured consciously.” — James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy

“The Energy Prescription shows how to get back on track to live a vital and fulfilling life.” — Carol Adrienne, author of When Life Changes, Or You Wish it Would, Co-author of “The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide (With James Redfield)

“I recommend this book for anyone interested in holistic healing.” — Mark Plotkiin, President, Amazon Conservation Team, author of Tales of a Shaman’s Apprentice

minding your business coverMINDING YOUR BUSINESS

Winner of the 2009 Nautilous Gold Book Award for Conscious Business/Leadership

“I am asked over and over again to introduce books on sustainability and enterprise. This is the first time I said yes because there is knowledge and integrity in this book that measure up to the subject at hand: our destiny, our fate, depending on which path we choose.” — Paul Hawken
From the Foreword

“In his brilliant book, Minding Your Business, Horst shines a bright light on the path to ‘enlightened capitalism’ and paves the way for a new humane, ethical, and sustainable model of business and success. It is essential reading for visionary entrepreneurs and corporations who want to create success while making a difference in the world. Horst is paving the way for what in the future will be wisdom-based economies in a wisdom based, sustainable, just and peaceful culture focused on the well-being of all.” — Deepak Chopra, Author, Third Jesus: A Christ We Cannot Ignore and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

“With so much wisdom and striking simplicity, Minding Your Business will become one of the most important books of the year.” — Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.
Chairman, Cancer Prevention Coalition, Professor Emeritus, School of Public Health University of Illinois at Chicago